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Doula Job Posting Listing
January 9th,2024

The Doula’s responsibilities include providing emotional and physical support to the mother, educating her on  techniques that increase comfort, and patiently answering questions and addressing concerns. The Doula should be a good active listener and someone who can provide advice. A successful Doula should have a  natural ability to nurture and guide. Outstanding candidates are patient, forthcoming, and able to provide  practical advice as well as kind words of support. 


• Provide the mother with emotional, physical, moral, and educational support, especially during times  when the father and other close relatives are unavailable 

• Listen to the concerns and questions of the mother in a kind, non-judgmental way and offering the  best possible advice 

• Attend prenatal meetings to get to know the mother, establish her birth preferences and develop a  birth plan 

• Remain with the mother throughout labor and provide physical and emotional support during and  after childbirth 

• Visit the home of the mother once she has been discharged and assist with the care of the baby while  the mother heals 

• Provide practical support and advice to the mother after childbirth, like organizing the nursery,  assisting with breastfeeding and connecting to community resources 

• Keep up to date on childbirth support, birthing techniques, and pre- and post-natal care by conducting  research, networking with other Doulas and mothers, and attending workshops and lectures • Provide postpartum deliveries, birthing equipment, and home visits as assigned 

• Assist in whatever way possible to make the transition to motherhood easier 

• Other duties as assigned. 


• A calming and nurturing presence 

• The ability to answer questions and provide guidance in a non-judgmental way 

• A wealth of knowledge on childbirth and pre- and post-natal care 

• The ability to multitask and provide emotional support 

• Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. 


• Ability to continuously stand or walk. Ability to bend, climb stairs with the potential for frequent lifting. • Ability to lift up to 25 pounds, occasionally. 

• Ability to work flexible hours as needed. 

• The remote position requires the individual to work from home or established work site. • Must have dedicated space within home to operate fully. 

• The position requires frequent driving which requires the ability to sit for long periods of time. Must  provide proof of a valid Driver's License and insurance coverage 

• The position requires the employee to conduct home visits in members’ homes which requires the  individuals to obtain and exchange information and assist the member with resolving simple to  complex issues related to their accessing their health care benefits. 

• The work requires frequent communication which requires ability to express self and receive.

Finance Committee - Job Posting
November 6th, 2023


The Shades of Motherhood Network is looking to fill three open positions for our Finance Committee. The Finance Committee provides financial analysis, advice, and oversight of the organization's budget. Their sole responsibility is to ensure the organization is operating with the financial resources it needs to provide programs and services to the community. Meeting Schedule The committee meets weekly, but may require more meeting times in the initial weeks of onboarding. From time to time, the committee will convene for planning meetings and training. Committee members will be asked to attend special events and assist in the cultivation of donors. 


Scope of work for the Finance Committee:


Ensure that accurate and complete financial records are maintained  

  • Monitor income and expenditures against projections

  • Review and recommend financial policies to the board, including ensuring adequate internal controls and maintaining financial records in accordance with standard accounting practices 


Ensure that accurate, timely, and meaningful financial statements are prepared and presented to the board  

  • Present monthly financial statements to the board 


Oversee budget preparation and financial planning  

  • Propose for board approval a budget that reflects the organization’s goals and board policies  

  • Ensure that the budget accurately reflects the needs, expenses, and revenue of the organization 


Safeguard the organization’s assets 

  • Review proposed new funding for ongoing financial implications, recommending approval or disapproval to the board  

  • Ensure that the organization has the proper risk-management provisions in place 


Help the full board understand the organization’s financial affairs  

  • Ensure that the board as a whole is well informed about the organization’s finances  

  • Educate the board about financial matters 


Ensure compliance with federal, state, and other requirements related to the organization’s finances  

  • Ensure that organization maintains adequate insurance coverage  

  • Ensure that the IRS Form 990, other forms, and employment and other taxes required by government are filed completely, correctly, and on time

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